Guild Wars 2 Interview from Gamescom

During Gamescom 2013, MMOBuff were able to corral not one, not two, but three of the Guild Wars 2 team.  We got a chance to sit down with game designer Matt Wuerffel, lead system designer Isaiah Cartwright, and art director Daniel Docui.

We began with Isaiah Cartwright giving an overview of the PVE changes over the first year. But, as MMOBuff likes to dig deeper, we wanted to find out what changes occurred to have a 2 week content cadence.  It was enlightening to learn that each of those releases includes a 4 month lead time to develop the right assets and create content.

Matt Wuerffel discussed several systems that have received an overhaul in the past year, including the achievement and reward system. They also focused on what content needs to be permanent or cyclical, ensuring that the Living Story rests on top of a bedrock of pre-existing content. Dungeons and sub-par content also came under scrutiny by the team over the past 12 months.

MMOBuff were also eager to know how Wuerffel and Cartwright tune their content and changes with the various player’s skillsets, from the experienced GW2 veteran to an MMO newcomer. Wuerffel explained that Fractal dungeons form a part of that strategy.

When talking about GW2’s distinctive art style, Daniel Docui explained how he keeps things fresh by working with each individual artist’s strengths and weaknesses, how his past has influenced his art, and how he and his son Horia Docui (Art Director at Sucker Punch Productions) collaborate and influence each other.

Finally, we then posed the most difficult question of all -  their most fun moment in Guild Wars 2. Stay to the end to find out!